In the 90s, Philip Glass composed two symphonies inspired by Low and Heroes, the first albums of the legendary “Berlin trilogy” by David Bowie.

In 2018, Renaud Cojo magnifies the beauty of these pieces by having them interpreted live by the Belgian National Orchestra: the Symphony N ° 1 dramatically dresses the projection of his own film inspired by Bowie’s writings, with the singer Bertrand Belin.

In the second painting, we find Bertrand Belin, this time on stage, who begins reading Nathan Adler’s Journal written in 1996 by David Bowie “himself”. Stef Kamil Carlens accompanies this part of a cover of Art Decade (Low, 1976).

Finally, the third painting immerses the public in Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 4, to accompany a projection of a choreographic work carried by an icon of the contemporary scene Louise Lecavalier and one of its partners, Frédéric Tavernini.

As a great admirer of Ziggy Stardust, Renaud Cojo multiplies references to the singer’s universe to invent his own Berlin cycle: a rereading of the work of Bowie, a real odyssey mixing symphonic music and scenic performance.


Position: Drone Pilot Aerials
Camera Operator Aerials: Anke Riester